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We Need Your Help! Featured Photo

We Need Your Help!

Please take a minute to learn more about Purposity at about.purposity.com. Through this platform, we are able to share the essential needs of our students with members of our community. With a simple download of the Purposity app and a few clicks, students can have their needed items at the school in just a few days.

We already have several needs posted as winter is approaching. Purposity will take care of the shopping and shipping for you! Join us by downloading the free app, following Bradley County Schools, and meeting a need today!
Bradley County Schools - Ready4K

Bradley County Schools Ready4K program

Through a special partnership between the Tennessee Department of Education and the Governor’s Early Literacy Foundation (GELF), starting in February, Bradley County Schools is excited to offer our K-3 families free access to Ready4K, a research-based text messaging program, that will help you continue your child’s learning at home.

BCS Weekly COVID-19 Update

It is the intent of BCS to remain as transparent as possible with the public about what is happening in our schools. The district will post weekly updates on the number of cases by location each Friday at 5:00 PM. The updates will be posted on all BCS social media pages as well as bradleyschools.org.
21st Century Kids afterschool programing

21st Century Kids afterschool programing

21st Century Kids afterschool programing at OMS opens on Monday, August 31st. 21st Century Kids afterschool programming at LFMS opens on Tuesday, August 8th with a staggered schedule.
Bradley County Commission Broadband Email established

Bradley County Commission Broadband Email established

The Bradley County Commission is gathering information from families that do not have access to broadband in order to pinpoint the areas of the county with the greatest need. We established [email protected] to receive names and full addresses from these residents. Bradley County Schools encourages all families without access to please submit their name and full address to the email address provided.

Bradley County Commission Broadband Email - [email protected]