Future Ready - Student Technology Forms

The Future Ready program prepares students for life in the 21st Century and increases student engagement both inside and outside of the classroom. Before students can be assigned a device, the Device Contract and Acceptable Use Policy must be signed. Please check with your school regarding how all student technology forms will be collected.

In preparation for assigning student devices this school year, you may complete the following forms online:

Technology Procedures and Guidelines/Student Device Contract

Student Acceptable Use Policy

If you are interested in purchasing the additional Technology Insurance for your student's device, please visit the Forms and Document page and print the Insurance Form. There is not an online version of this form.

Students use their school-issued accounts both at school and at home, and families are often in a better position to respond to urgent alerts after hours, on weekends, and during breaks. You can receive an invitation to create your free account for the Bark for Schools Parent Portal account. As soon as you opt in, you’ll be able to receive alerts if Bark detects potentially time-sensitive issues.

To receive the invitation, you will need to make sure your school has the correct email address in our Student Information System - Synergy. For more information about Bark, visit the Bark Parent Portal Information article.

To sign up for the Bark Parent Portal, please complete this Google Form with your email address and student information if you want access to the Bark Parent Portal -  https://forms.gle/Nc5YW835DwbtuQXSA