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Parent Involvement Handbook


Oak Grove Parent Involvement Handbook


The volunteer program of Oak Grove Elementary School is designed to promote positive school and community relationships and to enrich the existing school program. Volunteers of all ages and walks of like serve under the direction of the teachers who request their service.




  • To bring the home and school together in a joint effort to enhance the educational programs offered at Oak Grove School.
  • To allow the teachers more quality teaching time through the use of classroom volunteers.
  • To train and utilize parents and community resource persons for volunteer services in our school.



  • Help with the Accelerated Reader program
  • Prepare bulletin boards
  • Xerox, collate, staple, etc.
  • Cut out materials
  • Mount student papers for display
  • Make classroom instructional games and activities
  • Check papers
  • Assist with special activities (Fall Festival, Auction, Awards Day, Honors Night, Field Day, etc.)
  • Cleaning and dusting
  • Gather material for specific classroom projects
  • Tutoring
  • Assist in the office





  • Enter and leave through main entrance-safety factor
  • Check in upon arrival-report to assigned area-stay in assigned area
  • Be reliable and prompt
  • Be ready to handle an emergency. Be familiar with disaster bells and procedures.
  • Discuss problems and concerns with the teacher, volunteer coordinator, and/or principal. Problems can be solved.
  • Be polite, courteous, and show respect to all students.
  • Keep student information confidential at all times.
  • Keep volunteer pass visible at all times.
  • Maintain a calm, professional tone of voice in the presence of children. (When frustrated count to 10. Always remain calm, cool, and collected.)
  • At the end of volunteer time the volunteer should report to the office to sign out and return pass.


  • Interrupt the teacher during instruction.
  • Do not scold students.
  • Compare one student to another.
  • Belittle or degrade a student for any reason at any time.
  • Be afraid to ask for advice.
  • Show favoritism or dislike for any student.
  • Discuss abilities or faults with parents or anyone other than the teacher or principal.
  • Forget to call the office if you are scheduled to assist in a classroom and you cannot attend.
  • Do not look at student's records-A.R. or otherwise.
  • Gossip at school about things heard at school.
  • Disturb classes-library, etc.
  • Hang out in office area-area needs to be clear for guests or parents.
  • When finished volunteering-volunteer should leave campus and make room for other guests.




Always remember you are a role model. Your punctuality, courtesy, speech, appropriate dress, and cooperative attitude communicate our expectations to our students.  Actions speak louder than words!


Thank You


The gift of your time and talent makes a difference in the lives of the children we serve. Oak Grove is a better school because of you. Please let your child's teacher know if you would like to volunteer. You can discuss what services you can provide. Class time is valuable and the teacher must protect their teaching time.


Security in our school is of the up most importance. It is our goal to provide a safe environment for students, faculty, and staff. In order to maintain safety in the school, volunteers will be expected to adhere to stringent guidelines while on the campus.


For the safety of our students and your children it is important that you remember to follow these guidelines whenever you volunteer in the school. I hope you will find time to spend volunteering at our school.


Any questions or comments, please contact Brittany Morrison

[email protected]