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Counselor's Corner


As the Counselor, I have the privilege to work with every single student in the school. I work with students at the classroom level, small group level, as well as at short-term individual counseling level. I will also meet with parents, collaborate with teachers and staff, and consult with community organizations to benefit and meet the needs of all students.

Guidance Lessons

  • As the school counselor, I have the opportunity to teach lessons that address a variety of topics to all grade levels. Lessons are developmentally appropriate and are taught at least twice a month. Some topics I cover are bullying, career exploration, conflict resolution, growth mindset, feelings, and more! I create guidance lessons that are based on Tennessee and American School Counseling standards. 

Individual Counseling

  • Both teachers and parents can refer students for short-term individual counseling. Students can also make a self-referral. Students might see me for individual counseling to work on decision-making, anger management, family changes, friendship skills, or another concern. Confidentiality is respected unless a student shares that they want to hurt someone or themselves or they are being hurt by someone else. You can email me or call me if you would like to refer your child for individual counseling. I have a Bradley County Schools official counseling referral form you will need to fill out.

Small Group Counseling

  • Group counseling is provided for small groups of students experiencing similar concerns. These may include making and keeping friends, anger management, coping with separation/divorce and or loss, getting organized/study skills and/or improving self-esteem. The groups generally range from 4 to 6 students and last for 6 to 8 sessions. The students for these groups can be recommended by parents/guardians or by staff members. In order to participate in group counseling, a parent/guardian has to sign a group counseling form granting permission for their student to participate in the group.

I can be reached by my school email [email protected] or by phone 423-478-8812.