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Parent School Compact


        Oak Grove Elementary 




As a community, the mission of Oak Grove Elementary School is to provide a positive educational experience for every student



              Growing Student Leaders Building Productive Futures 


As my child's parent or guardian, I pledge

  • To ensure that my child is at school on time and attends regularly with supplies
  • To read with my child 20 minutes daily and practice math fact fluency
  • To monitor homework on a regular basis
  • To help my child continue their learning at home, especially with their academic struggles
  • To partner with teachers and school personnel to set high expectations for my child's behavior
  • To communicate regularly with my child's teacher and attend school functions
  • To support current health and safety protocols and guidelines

As a student, I pledge

  • To come to school prepared and ready to work
  • To follow all school expectations and the Falcon Flyer Essential Ten
  • To read 20 minutes a day and practice math fact fluency
  • To take responsibility for my actions
  • To complete my schoolwork and homework to the best of my ability
  • To support current health and safety protocols and guidelines

As school personnel, we pledge

  • To provide students with high-quality curriculum and instruction to meet the state's challenging content and performance standards
  • To provide a safe environment that respectfully welcomes families, community, and businesses as partners in education
  • To inform parents of the importance of reading 20 minutes a day
  • To inform parents of their child's performance, progress, and struggles in order to continue their learning at home
  • To be caring role models for all students
  • To develop relationships with our students in order to provide differentiated instruction based on their learning styles.
  • To support current health and safety protocols and guidelines